A brand new home for Intelogy

Inspired by the success of their rebrand, and having recently extended their offices to house a growing team, Intelogy (formerly BMN) asked us to breathe life into their interiors.

We carried the new brand colours across wall colours, furniture upholstery, flooring and signage. Glass manifestations are a bold celebration of the brand, with a variety of textured vinyl applied to both sides of the glass to give depth and introduce a subtle shift in colour as light filters through at different times of the day.



Intelogy’s visitors are welcomed on the ground floor, with its mini kitchen with state of the art coffee machine and wide comfortable sofas, upholstered in rich wool felt. Cost effective carpet tiles are brought to life with brand colours that work in harmony with furniture. Award winning “Invisible” central lights have been installed above each meeting room table. The acrylic plate is transparent until lit, when it appears as a floating slither of light.



Exuberance isn’t reserved for visitors. The ground floor also houses a light and relaxing staff refreshment room. Large refectory style tables for socialising are combined with individual work spaces for a relaxed and adaptable working environment. In the kitchen, bespoke coloured splashbacks and a subtle striped flooring tile lift the space. Heavy steel squared door handles, square kitchen taps and angular soft seating and furniture have been carefully considered to create a distinctively on-brand look. The space strikes a balance between function and form; light filtering blinds made from fibreglass and PVC fabric are installed throughout the new offices to take the glare out of computer work.



Floating interior signs printed in textured vinyl with Intelogy’s brand values are more like pieces of art; an everyday reminder to all of the values that drive the business. Intelogy’s inspiring space has boosted morale and increased efficiency, but above all has made for a happier place to work. Below: The office spaces before refurbishment