Corporate branding is a crucial aspect of any business, regardless of its size or industry. It is the process of creating a unique identity and reputation for a company that sets it apart from its competitors. While blue-chip companies have been known to invest heavily in their branding efforts, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can also learn from their strategies and reap the benefits of a well-crafted brand identity.

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BrandLabs are workshops designed to give companies an objective expert view of your business through the lens of your brand. Based on our proven workshop methodology, it’s a perceptive, participative and productive way to uncover new ideas and energy for your business in a process we call ‘constructive provocation’.

Together we’ll apply powerful tools and exercises to get up close and personal with your brand. We’ll work through key business issues, analyse your real points of difference, explore opportunities in your market and start to define your brand proposition and positioning.

Our expert team of brand consultants and designers will ask some challenging questions and reveal some critical answers for your business. And more than likely, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

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Hemi Connect operates at the sharp end of digital retail, providing online retailers and brands with seamless access to the largest number of marketplaces globally. It’s a fast-growing company with a great story that we were asked to tell through a new B2B brand and website.

We began with the UI design, getting to know the platform and developing insights on user journeys, navigation and look and feel to optimise the user experience. Next, we carried out research with decision makers to pin down the building blocks of the brand strategy. Two powerful words emerged: Sell Everywhere. Visually, we developed a versatile identity that expresses the seamless global integration at the heart of the product offer.

Hemi Connect Logo Lockups

“We have a great product but were struggling to shape the brand strategy and create the visuals around it. In our work with VGROUP it was clear from the start that they take the extra mile to understand us the right way first and then develop the brand identity that is the perfect depiction of what Hemi Connect is. The visuals and UI rebranding went as smooth as working with people within our own team. We are very grateful to VGROUP who also helped us unravel and polish our brand language.”

Danail Deltchev | Hemi Connect | Chief Executive Officer

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In the underwater battlespace, a technological revolution is taking place. Defence of the deep is increasingly remote, autonomous, unmanned and networked. Forcys are positioning themselves in this space – a newly aggregated alliance of innovators from across a leading marine engineering group.

Forcys is a specialist tech house launching into a crowded market populated by the biggest names in defence engineering, so their brand needed to convey instant credibility. We employed our rigorous brand-building methodology to ensure this credibility was presented authentically and persuasively.

Modern and exciting hand-crafted font design with integrated symbol that represents:
2. Target sight / periscope view placing the logo within the defence sector
3. Segments of the ‘O’ imply surveillance + sonar + navigation + positioning + imaging + supply chain
4. Team working | Global | Integration | Protection | Partnership
5. Character: Confident | Authoritative | Timeless | Established | Stylish
6. Easy to reproduce

Building on an elegantly handcrafted, multi-faceted logotype, the Forcys visual identity conveys calm, competent expertise in a sector where this is paramount. At the same time, the visual styling and tone of voice capture the bold, disruptive nature of the brand offering of a company that is moving underwater defence into a new era.

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