ACUMEN – Brand Attraction

Acumen - Brand Attraction

Evolution has given us with a relatively limited range of responses and behaviours. Rather than develop new ways of responding, we tend to adapt behavioural patterns to new situations. This is what we’ve done with branding, where we bring many of the responses and behaviours we use inmate-selection to our relationship with brands.

In this Acumen paper we point to ways in which marketeers and brand owners can learn from the science of love and dating to make more effective approaches and build stronger relationships.

When it comes to interacting with others, evolution only equipped us with some basic patterns to do with ‘fight or flight’, group protection, pair bonding, etc. And there hasn’t been time for us to evolve new behaviours to meet the unprecedented demands of our technological world. So, we adapt our basic patterns to new circumstances. Branding is one of these new circumstances.

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