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Acumen: the meaning of brand and why it matters

The word Brand gets thrown around carelessly these days, with all kinds of different definitions being offered.

It’s your ‘promise’, or your reputation. It’s your logo, or alternatively it’s the values you stand for. ‘It’s everything we do!’ Except that everything you do is really just… everything you do!

Most of these definitions have some merit, but they tend to focus on some areas to the exclusion of others. Nobody would question that reputations matter, for instance. But the person who brings up the homepage of your website isn’t greeted by your reputation.

For those of you that are brand believers (join the club), it’s helpful to have some ideas, thoughts and a voice that can validate and support the principles behind developing your brand. In this ACUMEN paper we explore the meaning of brand and why it matters. Let us know what you think…

Download – The meaning of brand and why it matters


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