our promise

Over 25 years, we’ve developed a tried and trusted framework for building corporate brands. We call it BrandVision™. Your individual goals and needs will determine what actually happens at each stage, but here’s an overview of what you can expect when you work with us.

We’ll help you...

find your

There are compelling company truths at the heart of every successful brand. Who are you? Where are you heading? What do you value? What do you do and for whom?

The answers to these questions are already there in your business, defining your vision, driving your strategy, underpinning your customer appeal and influencing your work culture. Yet all too often, they’re not well defined or understood. Our work begins by setting out these fundamentals in a Brand Matrix that acts as a clear and logical guide at every stage of your brand development.

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project your

It takes a blend of art and science to express the true personality of your business. Our balance of strategy, creativity and technology delivers on both fronts.

We have the experience, instincts, design skills and digital know-how to create a brand identity system that engages and inspires across audiences and channels. But our creativity is never just for creativity’s sake. At every stage, our thinking, designs and messaging will be rooted in your unique Brand Matrix. Your brand will be as authentic as it is distinctive.

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fulfil your

Rebranding won’t make you a different company, but it will make the most of the company you are. And the results can be transformational, profound and lasting.

A clearer vision. A sharper competitive edge. More compelling communications aligned to a core brand platform. More converted prospects, more loyal customers and more motivated employees. Even a new company direction. All tangible results; all well within your reach.

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our process

Wherever you want your brand to take your business, BrandVision™ provides support and expertise at every stage of its development.


    We gain valuable insights into your business, your sector, your current corporate identity and communications and your future plans. Using a combination of one-to-one meetings, workshops and bespoke online tools, we make the whole process cost effective and super efficient.


    Your core brand expression will cover logo design, visual identity and brand language, all seamlessly aligned to your Brand Matrix and business strategy.


    Our integrated strategic, creative and technology expertise means we’re fully equipped to develop your master artworks, templates and communications, then give your new brand the unveiling it deserves.


    From guidelines to training, handovers to ongoing brand management, we advise and support you to keep your identity consistently appealing. We also work with you to grow your brand over time.

your brand

We’ve helped clients change names, launch new products and update their brand image to respond to competitive pressure.

We’ve built start-up brands, supported growth and strategic changes, and steered brands through mergers and acquisitions.

What can we do for your business?

Work with us to:

  • Align your business and brand strategy
  • Define your brand essence, purpose and values
  • Articulate your brand language (messaging and tone of voice)
  • Update and coordinate your brand communications
  • Audit existing communications for strengths and weaknesses

…and see the benefits:

  • Convert prospects and inspire loyalty in customers
  • Increase profitability by adding a price premium
  • Boost your employer brand to attract the best people
  • Empower and motivate employees around a shared vision
  • Build brand value for future succession or sale