Branding a sea change in naval technology

In the underwater battlespace, a technological revolution is taking place. Defence of the deep is increasingly remote, autonomous, unmanned and networked. Forcys are positioning themselves in this space – a newly aggregated alliance of innovators from across a leading marine engineering group.

Forcys is a specialist tech house launching into a crowded market populated by the biggest names in defence engineering, so their brand needed to convey instant credibility. We employed our rigorous brand-building methodology to ensure this credibility was presented authentically and persuasively.

Modern and exciting hand-crafted font design with integrated symbol that represents:
2. Target sight / periscope view placing the logo within the defence sector
3. Segments of the ‘O’ imply surveillance + sonar + navigation + positioning + imaging + supply chain
4. Team working | Global | Integration | Protection | Partnership
5. Character: Confident | Authoritative | Timeless | Established | Stylish
6. Easy to reproduce

Building on an elegantly handcrafted, multi-faceted logotype, the Forcys visual identity conveys calm, competent expertise in a sector where this is paramount. At the same time, the visual styling and tone of voice capture the bold, disruptive nature of the brand offering of a company that is moving underwater defence into a new era.

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