Chandlers brand. The Right Way.

Since 1996, Chandlers have been providing enforcement agency services and revenue collection for governmental authorities, the legal system and commercial sector across England and Wales.

Their constant pursuit of excellence and innovative approach has helped them establish a position as one of the leading companies in the industry – all they needed was a brand identity and marketing collateral to match the quality of their service and to celebrate 20 years of success.

We uncovered the compelling truth at the heart of their brand – Enforcement & Recovery. The Right Way. This core insight captures the essence of Chandler’s culture and values.

Working closely with the management and using our BrandVision™ framework, we helped Chandlers develop a clearer vision and mission. We defined their brand personality, tone of voice and messaging platform and designed a new brand identity that we’ve applied to stationery, brochures, advertising, sales presentations and a new website –

We are continuing to support and advise Chandlers, helping them to keep their brand consistent and appealing and to grow their brand over time.