Our designers will be even more partial to sharing a bag or two of liquorish Allsorts when they see the new vibrant packaging, which reveals the “distinctive shapes and colours of the liquorish” designed by Helsinki based studio Bond. We’re sure that if they’re anything like us will have consumed a lot of sweets in the name of research!


The sound of rustling packets in the afternoon has become all too familiar recently with our studio’s continued weakness for Allsorts. And we’re sure the new packaging design by Bond Creative will fuel their love for liquorice even more. Appealing to the taste buds as well as the eye, Bond have successfully designed packaging that communicates the unmistakeable contents with simple, iconic detail in bright colours which really pop on the black background of these lovely little boxes. Described by Bond as a “bold and playful packaging design that allows consumers to easily identify the different varieties”. We couldn’t agree more!


I bet some of you will still remember Bertie Basset: