McLarens’ global brandsformation

Since 1931 McLarens has been providing the best in claims management for clients worldwide. Following their merger with Airclaims, the world leader in aviation claims, VGROUP were approached to develop a clear vision and to help unite their employees around a set of shared brand values.


We communicated these through the design of a new corporate identity and range of marketing communications for use across the world. Our solution was designed to clearly showcase the combined power of their global reach and local know-how with an elegant yet powerful symbol and bespoke typeface. With acquisitions planned, new companies will either take on the McLarens name or join Airclaims in retaining their existing name alongside adopting the new logo marque and typography.

Items produced included stationery, literature, advertising, signage and a presentation of the new brand to employees and to clients held at a launch event at the Royal Exchange in London. We are also designing and developing two new websites which will be launching in 2013 and as well as developing brand guidelines to ensure future brand consistency.






McLarens and Airclaims are two strong and established brands in their own right and it was always going to be a challenge to smoothly integrate the two with a new visual identity and common set of brand values. By going back to basics and gaining an understanding of both businesses, with the added pressure of a very tight deadline, VGROUP created a fresh, modern, look that have been received positively and will help support the growth of the company well in to the future

Doug Horne | Airclaims & McLarens
Director of Marketing