Sussex Community NHS Trust

The Sussex Community NHS Trust approached VGROUP to give their Care Without Carbon scheme a logo and visual identity, ensuring it became as visible as it is vital to the Trust.


Aiming to be the leading NHS Trust for sustainability in the country, and with a dedicated sustainability team, the Sussex Community NHS Trust is truly committed to reducing its carbon footprint, benefitting staff, stakeholders and the 9,000 patients that are treated in Brighton & Hove and West Sussex each day.

Despite winning the prestigious Health Service Journal Good Corporate Citizenship Award for their carbon footprint reduction last year, a caring and inspirational brand was required to raise awareness within the Trust.

A classically emotive heart symbol was created containing two “c’s” for “Care” and “Carbon” and a downward arrow to represent “Without” which together forms a heart. There is also a large white upward arrow formed from the negative space between these elements to represent positive change. The blue arrow in isolation will eventually become a useful element once the brand becomes recognisable.


A colour palette was chosen that reflected both the healthcare system and the environmental goals and promises of the scheme. We needed to be careful that the new brand, palette and bespoke illustrations would work well alongside the suite of NHS logos and style, yet still have standout.


With the brand, visual identity and guidelines in place the next phase of the project, will include a full campaign plan, awareness phase and the creation of tools to put everything into action and help the Sussex Community NHS Trust reach their ambitions goals.