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MedAccess is the first of its kind: a UK based social finance company with the pioneering mission to make global healthcare markets work for everyone.

They supply expertise, advice and analysis to both client companies and partners organisations who share the same vision of better healthcare markets for all: the UN, national governments, NGOs, philanthropists and more.



We worked closely with senior management to define their purpose, values and a brand positioning statement, “Innovative finance for affordable and accessible healthcare.” Once the global, sustainable, visionary nature of the business was captured, we aligned this with a conceptual logo marque and visual identity which led to a compelling new website, a range of document templates, photography and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.


MedAccess now has the tools to manage its brand and maximise the effectiveness of their communications to help build awareness, trust and loyalty.

“VGROUP helped us to find our voice and project our personality using their
BrandVision Framework”.

Michael Anderson CB
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member


Dynautics are providers of intelligent technology for unmanned marine missions worldwide. With over 20 years’ experience the business – formerly known as H Scientific, asked VGROUP to develop their proposition, positioning and brand identity to prepare the business for growth.

We began by renaming the company ‘Dynautics’ and developing a core insight and tagline ‘Intelligent Marine Technology’. A new logo and visual identity was designed to work alongside an integrated suite of communications, including a new website at

With a strong brand strategy and identity aligning their business, the new brand was launched to much acclaim at the Oceanology International Exhibition in March 2018.

Dynautics are now confident in the level of professionalism they project, and the transformational effect the rebrand has made with both employees and clients. The business is set for growth.

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Our thanks to VGROUP for delivering a new brand, from decision to launch, in just over two months! Within that time, they built the brand matrix; helped us to come up with a new name; created a distinctive new logo; designed a whole new look and feel; and created a superb new web site – against a hard deadline. By the time we launched the new brand at Oceanology International, everything was in place. Overall, VGROUP have impressed us with their professional expertise and creativity, and the result is superb.

Dr Henry Robinson
Dynautics Limited

Solos, a privately-owned, independent company, was formed in 1982 specifically to meet the needs of the single traveller — they are the first holiday company to specialise in this market.

With a growing number of specialist holidays, activities and events it was time to unite their various product brands under a new visual identity and reposition Solos to become the first name people think of, search for and book with for independent travel.

Their customers aren’t ‘singles’ or ‘people traveling solo in a group’ instead through a new tagline ‘Holidays for Individuals’ we’ve invited them to associate with all the exciting adventurous, proud positives of independence. Best of all, these positives apply equally to their traditional customer base and the broader, younger audiences they were keen to court.


Following the new strategic positioning, we designed a set of new logos and applied a fresh visual identity across a wide range of collateral including brand guidelines to ensure consistency going forward.



With a strong brand strategy and identity aligning their business, the new brand has energised the management and marketing team giving them a firm platform for future marketing initiatives.

Many thanks – the brand guidelines look fabulous and reflects who we are perfectly.

Andrew Williams | Managing Director
Solos Holidays



Acumen - Brand Attraction


Evolution has given us with a relatively limited range of responses and behaviours. Rather than develop new ways of responding, we tend to adapt behavioural patterns to new situations. This is what we’ve done with branding, where we bring many of the responses and behaviours we use inmate-selection to our relationship with brands.

In this Acumen paper we point to ways in which marketeers and brand owners can learn from the science of love and dating to make more effective approaches and build stronger relationships.

When it comes to interacting with others, evolution only equipped us with some basic patterns to do with ‘fight or flight’, group protection, pair bonding, etc. And there hasn’t been time for us to evolve new behaviours to meet the unprecedented demands of our technological world. So, we adapt our basic patterns to new circumstances. Branding is one of these new circumstances.

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